Viral!! Pria Ini Mengedit Foto Dirinya Tinggal Bersama Orang-Orang Terkenal

Sebuah akun instagram yang bernama averagerob, mengupload foto dirinya bersama orang-orang terkenal, penasaran dengan fotonyo yuk kita simak foto dari averagerob tersebut

What The Hell Did I Sign Up For Again?!

When I'm Passed Out On A Bus, Eminem Keeps Me Warm

When Brangelina Broke Up, I Died With Them

Moments Before I Got Fired...

When You Hate The People You Work For

When Taytay Plays, She Doesn't Clean Up...

When Selena And I Eat Mexican Food, We're Out Of TP

When I Passed Out On A Couch, Mila Took Advantage

When Spidey Passes By, I'm Childish

When Friends Are Friends, I'm Left Out Friendless

When I Met Kanye, He Hugged Me From Behind. That Was Weird

Beyoncé!!! Can You Hear Me?! Okay! Can You Bring My Hello Kitty Waterwings With You When You're Done? Mom Told Me I Couldn't Go Swimming Without Them...

When You Don't Fit In...

When A Wild Pikachu Appeared And Your Friends Are Stuck At Loading Screen...

Good Old Times When We Were Joking About Trump Being Elected As President One Day... Good Old Times...

When Eleven Is Told She Looks Like A Little Boy, I Lay On The Ground

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